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Are you noticing cracks in your walls or floors? These could be signs of foundation problems. A settling foundation can lead to major structural issues for your house. Luckily we offer several foundation repair systems that will fit most home’s specific needs.

Wall Anchors, Bowed Walls, Buckling Walls

If your basement walls have a horizontal bulge, or you notice large cracks in the foundation, they are experiencing external pressure that can often result in total foundation collapse. Bowing basement walls are a serious problem. We offer basement wall anchors which will correct the problem and return your basement walls to their original position. Wall anchors are placed into the earth beside your foundation, and attached through steel poles which drill through the foundation to an internal connecting plate. Immediately inward movement of the wall is stopped, and over time the bolts are tightened so that your foundation wall straightens and is corrected.

Our Solution I-Beams

For bowed walls, buckling walls, and tipped or leaning basement walls, Wise Choice Paving And Masonry. often suggests the installation of steel i-beams. These i-beams are braced on the interior of your basement and will immediately give reinforcement to basement walls. These i-beams are bracketed to the floorboards and the base of your foundation walls. They can even move your wall back to its original position eventually.

.Foundation Settling Problems

As the earth beneath your foundation settles, your foundation floor may settle with it. Often, the soil beneath a home isn’t properly compacted before the foundation is poured. Over time, it sinks beneath the concrete and damages your home. This can lead to large, noticeable cracks in the foundation, windows and doors sticking when opened, or gaps in concrete slabs.

Our Solution to Foundation Settling

Wise Choice Paving And Masonry. installs foundation piers that will penetrate the earth down to the virgin soil or the bedrock. These piers attach to the footer of the foundation, and permanently stabilize your home. Once the foundation has been stabilized, we can perform masonry repair to return the outside of your home to its original look.

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